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Latest Version 5.2

ScreenSaver Maker Software

• professional:
create screen saver with your photos fast
• customizable:
adjust screen saver settings easily
• cool effect:
built-in smooth transition, headline effects
• royalty free:
distribute and share unlimited screen saver freely
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Acme Photo ScreenSaver Maker is a professional photo screen saver software. It is easy to build an excellent cool effect screen saver with your own photos and music fast. No particular skill needed, no complicated settings, whether you are a screen saver beginner or a professional, this screen saver maker of choice for you will make your screen saver software experience more rewarding.

Using this tool, you can create self-install screen savers which are compatible with most Windows platform, distribute and share your screen savers with family, friends or people on the web. Try this screen saver software and have fun today!


• make screen savers with cool effects easily and fast
• fully integrated workspace with Windows theme style for user to work efficiently
• supports photo format: Bitmap, Jpeg, Gif, Pcx, Tga, Png and Tiff
• supports music format: Mp3, Wma, Wav and Midi
• display photos/play music in sequence or random order
• customizable screen saver background and image mask
• static caption for each photo
• word phrase of headline can be displayed dynamically
• 23 kinds of cool smooth transition effect
• 10 kinds of dynamic headline effect
• use alpha PNG image as photo frame
• display lyric with the support of Lrc format file
• custom Icon and Logo image for the final screen saver
• build single self-install screen saver file
• distribute and share screen savers on the web
• explore this screensaver software to find more...


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