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Update HistoryUpdate History:
Version 5.2 - 2015-08-11
Acme Photo ScreenSaver Maker now rename turn to Luna Wish Slide Show. Old registered users can enter your original User Name and Keycode to register Luna Wish Slide Show in 5.2 or later version.

Version 4.52 - 2013-10-01
Fix: after some local music files were removed or deleted, fix the bug of creating 0 byte files by the program.

Version 4.5 - 2013-01-29
Add: use an alpha PNG image as photo frame.
Improve: improve the feature "including font", but only support true type font.
Fix: many bugs fix and other small features change.

Version 4.0 - Jun. 7. 2011
Change: DirectX9c and graphics card hardware acceleration required.
Add: add a "Floating Photo" feature during the photo interval time.
Remove: remove 40% slower transition effects, remove the mask style.
Fix: little bugs fix and other small changes.

Version 3.22 - 2010-12-03
Fix: photo background drawing acceleration and little bug fix.

system requirementsSystem Requirements:
• Microsoft Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows7/Windows8, including 64bit edition
• DirectX9c required, needs d3d8thk.dll, d3d9.dll and d3dx9_xx.dll
Independent graphics card is recommended, video memory 64MB or more
Note, "gdiplus.dll" and "quartz.dll" might be missing in some Windows version, so you need to use search engine to find and download them, or copy them from WinXP to your Windows "system32" folder, then Start Menu -> Run -> regsvr32 quartz.dll


Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions:
1 Q: I don't know how to open the screen saver file after I create it.
A: Perhaps you make a mistake, *.aps file is a config file that records the setting of your screen saver, it is not the final screen saver file. The following is how to make a screen saver file:
Menu -> File -> Create Screen Saver; or click the "Create Screen Saver" button which on the left side of the main window.

When you click the "Create screen saver" button, then click "Create" button, the program will open a dialog window to ask you the save location of the screen saver(default is "Output folder"). After making .exe file, the program will popup a little window to tell you the screen saver information, such as title, file size and save location. Go to that target path then you can find the .exe file. This is the final screen saver file.

2 Q: How can I install the screen saver to other PC or to the screen saver control panel?
A: Run the final self-install screen saver, click the button "Install", the program will automatically install it as Windows default screen saver.

3 Q: I don't like to see the button tool tips, can they be hidden?
A: Deselect the item "Show Tool tips" on the "Guide" menu will be OK.

4 Q: Nothing happen when I click the "Preview" button or run the created screensaver.
A: There are two probable causes: (1) Your anti-virus or protecting software blocked the screen saver running, some of them will even prompt false alarm to the screen saver file. So please temporarily disable it and test the screensaver again. (2) You need to fix *.scr file association: Start Menu -> Run -> regedit, go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\scrfile\shell\open\command, double click the default value, enter "%1" /S (including double quotation marks), then go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.scr make sure the default value is scrfile.

5 Q: Why my anti-virus software prompt warning to the created screen saver file?
A: There is no trojan or virus, the newly created screen saver is safe, the warning should be false alarm. Some anti-virus software uses technic like riskware detection mode to detect potential virus, this usually causes the false alarm.

6 Q: Can I distribute and share the final screen saver on the web freely?
A: Yes, 100% free, there is no hidden cost.

7 Q: Can the screen saver support stand by or hibernation mode?
A: Yes, it should support these modes in most machines, but some long time working application or some anti-virus software might prohibit the system go into these modes.

8 Q: Dynamic lyric does not correspond to the music, why?
A: Because this program only can support Lrc format lyric file, but Lrc format just afford the begin time for each lyric line, it is impossible to make each word correspond to the music without beat information.

9 Q: I would like to know how many photos, I can add up to play on my screen saver?
A: In registered version: 1000~2000 photos, but we suggest not more than 100, just a suggestion, not a limit. The upper limit is depend on the media files, the total size of all files that added into the screen saver should be less than 2 GB.

10 Q: How to use the photo frames package after downloading
A: Decompress, click the third button "Background" on the main form, choose "Customize PNG Frame..." in the listbox, then click the button below to add the file 1.frame.

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